Inert Butterfly Bomb parts & components wanted

Wings, empty cases, fuzes etc wanted to complete several incomplete projects – Cash waiting. Please use contacts page to let me know what you have.

Please note I will not purchase cases that are not visibly empty.

Sd2 (41) A Fuze

Close up of the (41) A fuze

Sd2 (41) A Fuzes

Examples of the (41) A fuze with the turn switch to select Zeitor or AZ (Time or Impact).

Sd2 (Butterfly Bomb)

A mint example of the Sd2 in an "armed" postion (the screw thread above the (41) fuze is fully unwound).

Sd2 - Steel Drougue or Casing

This example was dropped on partisans in Finland & retains some of the original yellow paint.

Fuze types used in the SD2

Z (41) – impact

Z (41) A – airburst or impact

L.ZtZ (67) – clockwork long delay (30 minutes)

L.ZtZ (70) A – combined chemical & clockwork, anti-handling & long delay 30 minutes to 20 hours.

Z (70) B clockwork anti-handling

Sd2 Butterfly Bombs

Anti-personnel bombs

Though the Luftwaffe employed a range of anti-personnel bombs, the one that was used on a large scale against the UK was the Sd2, the so-called Butterfly bomb. These 2kg bombs were dropped in containers that held 23 bombs or more. Once dropped the containers were blown open by an air burst fuze scattering the Sd2's far & wide. As the bombs fell the outer case flicked open by springs which caused four light metal drogues with a protruding 5 inch steel cable to deploy in the form of a parachute & wind vane.  This device moved up the cable & rotated, this action turned the spindle that was screwed into the fuze as a safety device, thus arming the bomb. The Sd2 came in two variants, the Sd2 and Sd2B. The Sd2 & Sd2B were both used against the Civillian population in many towns & areas throughout the UK.

World War Two  - Air Dropped Ordnance

Sd2 Butterfly Bomb "Charge"

An Sd2 Butterfly `Bomb bayonet type case or sometimes referred as a "charge"