World War Two  - Air Dropped Ordnance

250kg bomb tail fins - fitted to SC250 bomb

Made from sheet steel - evidence of Beige paint (for desert use perhaps?) & red oxide primer.

50kg bomb tail fins - fitted to ZC50 concrete bomb

Made from sheet steel - evidence of slate grey paint & red primer. These were removed from a broken up ZC50 concrete bomb & used to complete another 50kg bomb.

Bomb tail fins

The German Luftwaffe used a variety of tail fins for their bombs,

including two main types for the SD & SC bombs. Fins were generally made

of sheet steel, some SD fins were made of a cast alloy. Fins were also marked

with a coloured stripe denoting type of bomb. A yellow stripe indicated a type "SC" & a red stripe indicated a type "SD".

Black cardboard tubes, shaped like organ pipes 14 inches long by 1 1/2 inches in diameter, were often attached to  bomb fins. The wind entering these pipes created a screaming noise as the bomb dropped which increased stress & fear to those on the ground. These devices were called "Jericho" by the Luftwaffe, very few of these survice today, the RAF Museum in London has one original in its collection including a German bayonet scaboard used as a Jericho!

Sd 50kg bomb tail fins

Made from sheet steel - cast alloy fins were also used on Sd bombs of all sizes. These fins were dropped in the Nottingham area & have been over painted post war.