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Rare German Luftwaffe 1940 dated LMB Para Mine Cone

If only this item could talk! a lovely removed at the time LMB Parachute Mine cone. It would appear that the locking catches have been cut with a hacksaw, meaning that the parachute did not deploy, someone has beaten out the damage sustained on impact and there is a corrosion hole in one section from long term storage on a damp surface, otherwise in very good condition.

£600 plus £25 P&P (UK)

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Some past German bomb fuzes exchanged or sold

Exchange or For Sale

WW2 German Bombs and Fuzes for sale or exchange

In this section you will find items available for exchange or in some cases for sale, from time to time I will add items that are duplicated in my collection or surplus to requirements.

Complete ALL original Sd2 Butterfly Bomb - Inert and completely FFE (empty)

Original Parts: Wings, 41A Fuze, Case and Arming Viene.

Notes on conditon: This Sd2 is above average condition, wings are solid and operate although new springs could be fitted (these are available of the net) this is a very time consuming job but possible. 41A fuze is in near mint conditon and presents well. One small pin prick perferation hole on one drouge but as already said a very solid set of wings retaining much original paint and red oxide primer. Carefully cleaned and coated in a matt laquer for preservation, could be over painted in new colours if you wanted to.

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Rare German Luftwaffe 2.2 kg Explosive Long Nose Incendiary Bomb (Inert)

For obvious reasons this is a very hard Incendiary to find as it was such a nasty little blighter to deal with! This air-dropped example has been the subject of hitting something very hard! the steel nose is crumpled and there is a strike/impact mark on the main body. It would appear that the bomb was placed in a vice (no doubt for disarming it) as there are some witness marks caused by a workshop vice.  Please see photos for condition.


WW2 RAF 4ib Incendiary Bomb Nose

Balance Weights

£20 each + £7 postage to UK address only (uncleaned)

Exceptionally rare WW2 Luftwaffe 70b1 Sd2 Butterfly Bomb Fuze

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ZC-50 50kg concrete bomb for sale

Used as an anti-personnel fragmentation bomb and also for trainning Luftwaffe aircrews.

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World War Two  - Air Dropped Ordnance