World War Two  - Air Dropped Ordnance

A rare photograph of a 250kg detonating.

Safety First

A word of warning to collectors.


All items in my collection comprise either harmless militaria, or
de-activated or otherwise inert ordnance, which are completely F.F.E.
(i.e. Free From Explosives). No exceptions!

At all times, all ammunition & ordnance should be treated as being live & dangerous until 100% proven otherwise. Items in my collection are certifiably fully inert and F.F.E. Should you have any questions as to this, I can send you pictures to demonstrate that the items are completely inert and F.F.E.

Whether or not a bomb or item of ammunition failed to detonate or even if has been buried in the ground for 70+ years you cannot and should NEVER assume it is inert. If you are in any doubt about an item in your posesion then you should either contact the Police or take advice from a professional & qualified person.

Often items such as shell cases & bomb cases have a small hole drilled in the casing to prove the item is empty & F.F.E. (i.e. Free From Explosives). Only collect items from reputible companies & individuals. When communicating by e-mail or on the telephone it is advisable to always mention the word "inert" to prevent any possible miss-understandings. It is our responsibility as collectors to ensure the safety of the public without risk or exemption.

Thank you for reading & I hope you enjoy the rest of the site.