A museum Volunteer talks to a group of school children about air raids, rationing & the Blitz. Many of my items in my collection are used during these talks & much of my collection is on display at the museum. Note our original Anderson Shelter in the background, which visitors can go inside & hear the sounds of the Blitz.

World War Two  - Air Dropped Ordnance

WW2 inert Air Dropped Ordnance

About Me & my interest in the Blitz

From a very young age my interest in World War Two

was inspired by hearing stories of the Air Raids of the

Blitz from my Grandad. A family member was also killed

when a German Bomb fell on Petworth Boys School in

Sussex in 1942 - he was aged just 10 yrs old.

Since then I have been collecting items from the Home Front & relics associated with the Air Raids including items such as German Bomb Fuzes, Bomb Tail Fins, Bomb Cases, & items of Shrapnel & other relics which were often collected by school children after the raids. Most of my collection is on display at the Wings Museum where it can be appreciated by others. These relics now act as a form of remembrance & help teach younger generations of the horrors of war. Please note: ALL items in my collection are completely safe & free from any explosive material.

"I am always interested in hearing from people that have any items of WW2 inert Air Dropped Ordnance from photos, shrapnel, bombs, fuzes, relics, & items of bomb disposal equipment etc".

Please use the contact page on this website to make contact with me

Thank you!