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Sound of the Air Raid Siren:

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WANTED For Museum Display
  • Sd2 Butterfly Bomb Cases, Fuzes, Wings & Parts
  • WW2 German bomb fuzes
  • Empty German bomb cases
  • German bomb tail fins
  • Shrapnel & other relics From the Blitz
  • Enamel Shelter Signs - ARP Signs
  • Bomb Disposal tools & memorabilia.

"Google style" Blitz on London Bomb Map.

To get an idea just how many bombs were dropped by the Luftwaffe during the Blitz on London  alone (hundreds of other towns and cities were also bombed), please see this "google style" Bomb Map (link below).  Just stop to think for a moment and consider that bombs continued to be dropped on the UK right up to the end of March 1945, it is staggering just how many bombs fell on the UK.

PLEASE NOTE: Although this bomb map covers some of the Southern Counties, this area of the survey is not complete by any means, also this survery does not include Incendiary or anti-personnel bombs such as the Sd2 Butterfly bomb.

WW2 inert Air Dropped Ordnance

German Bomb Fuzes & Bombs

WW2 Air Dropped Ordnance website is dedicated to all those civilians who endured the Blitz of World War Two & also the wartime Bomb Disposal Companies of the Royal Engineers who were the unsung heroes of the Home Front.


What will you see on this website?

On these pages you will find images of items in my collection which relate to the Luftwaffe Bombing campaign against targets throughout the UK. Much of my collection is on public display in a museum, enabling people to learn about the terrors of war on the Home Front & the heroic selfless efforts of the men of Bomb Disposal. All items in my collection are inert.