World War Two  - Air Dropped Ordnance

WW2 Hungarian Manufactured Ordnance

This page is devoted to ordnance related items that were manufactured for the German Luftwaffe by Hungary during World War Two. If anyone can provide any further information on any items featured on this page I would like to hear from you.

Hungarian manufactured 50kg bomb tail fins

These tail fins at first appear to be exactly the same as Luftwaffe SC 50kg tail fins. But on closer examination there are a number of differences noted. The first notable difference is that the collar is constucted in one piece, Luftwaffe produced tail fins are made of 4 segments spot welded together. These are made from a heavy gauge steel and are much heavier than the Luftwaffe versions. The fins are bead welded onto the collar. The fixing holes are also in a different postion when compared to the Luftwaffe fins. The fins have several makers stamps including the Crown stamp of the Kingdom of Hungary. The fins are finished in a brush applied light olive drab green (much darker than the RAL green specified by the Germans).