World War Two  - Air Dropped Ordnance

World War Two Bomb Disposal talk & demonstration!

Saturday 11th June 2016 1st talk 11am - Second talk 2.30pm

The Wings Museum (near Balcombe West Sussex) is pleased to announce a special unqiue talk & demonstration on World War Two Bomb Disposal.


  • Bomb disposal demonstration.
  • Educational talk on WW2 German fuzes, bomb disposal techniques and tools including the Sd2 Butterfly Bomb, 1kg Incendiary Bomb.
  • Display of German electrical bomb Fuzes, tail fins, Bomb cases & relics from the Blitz.

This special and unique event will cover some of the techinques used by the men of Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal during World War Two. Steve Venus will conduct an informative talk on the types of fuzes and the methods used by the unsung heroes of World War Two - the men of the Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Sections who faced terrifying odds in their secret battle against the Luftwaffe.

Disposal" of our unwelcome visitor:
After the talk Steve will demonstrate the exraction of the Fuze from a German Sd 50kg bomb that fell during the night after yet another heavy air raid over Sussex. After the talk and demonstration there will be a special display of Luftwaffe bomb fuzes and Steve & Daniel will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Please note: Normal Museum addmission fees apply - all items on display or used during our demonstrations are 100% inert & FFE.

Venue Address: Wings Museum, Unit 1 Bucklands Farm,

Brantridge Lane, Nr Balcombe, West Sussex RH17 6JT.