1942 (Yellow) Sd2 butterfly bomb

NOTE: These wings were imported from Russia and although in very good condition with original paint on the top surfaces they were rather distorted and damaged. I therefore carefully dressed out the damage and welded a couple of splits, the inside surfaces were lightly rusted so I decided to remove the rust and coat with red oxide primer and repaint. The springs are replacements from dugup, the original paint on the top surfaces was sympathetically retouched having matched the original yellow colour, the wings were then sprayed with a matt lacquer to preserve the original paint and finish.

3 x inert bomb cases recently aquired for display

Note: Wings were recovered in Russia and have all original paint and fully operational springs. The brown discolouring I believe is caused by intense heat or fire which has also turned one of the red identification stripes black, on careful examination remains of the red paint can be seen in places under the black proving the black is not the original colour. I have added an original arming vane, type 41 fuze and an original body with original yellow paint that I had in my collection to complete this bomb ready for display.

It's not every day I transport things like this in the back of my van! but I recently aquired 3 x inert bomb cases for display in the museum. These included a rather pitted German SC50J ausfuhrung B case complete with a very nice condition fin which also had some very clear waffent marks & dated 1942. Also a World War Two US 500ib bomb case retaining some original paint complete with a nice tail fin & nose fuze & lastly a wartime 100ib US practice bomb! The 500ib case is already on display in the museum, the SC 50 will be undergoing some restoration prior to display & the tail fin from this one will be used to complete another 50kg case that is in better condition.

Latest arrivals & new additions

World War Two  - Air Dropped Ordnance

1942 Sd2 (Field Grey/Green) butterfly bomb

NOTE: The wings have all original paint & markings & original fully operational springs. I have added the following to complete the bomb to display standard: original arming vane, original case (restored and repainted) and original 70b Anti-disturbance fuze. This is the type of bomb that was used by Luftwaffe on the famous Grimsby Raid which took place on the 14th June 1943. The deadly 70B Anti-disturbance fuze was widely used in this raid and an estimated 3,000 bombs were dropped from air dropped containers and 114 people lost their lives in the following days, weeks and even months after the raid. The Sd2 had been used else where in the UK as early as 1940 but not on the scale of the Grimsby raid of 1943. The wings originate from Essex where they were possibly dropped during the war.

Sd2 Wings recovered from Stalingrad Russia & lightly restored by myself